My fitness obsession

Okay.  I’m not pressing 200 lbs. each day and I’m not running marathons, but as you know, I’m making an effort to get healthier lately.  Why?  Well, for one thing, I’m not ready to die yet.  For another, I’ve witnessed too many things happening to friends in my age group (or younger), and I think . . . if we were a little stronger, maybe that stuff wouldn’t happen.  Here is the group of quilters with whom I just attended my quilting retreat at Silver Falls.

Silver Falls Group fall 2013


It’s a wonderful group of women.  I am one of the younger ones, but I’d say there are two ladies in the group who are older than me and probably in better shape!  Why?  They are active, vibrant women.  There are a few in my age category who really have trouble getting around, and I just don’t want to go there.  We hear so much these days about taking anti-oxidants to keep us young and healthy.  I’ve come to think of this as just what it says – rust preventers.  The other thing that prevents rust is movement!  So, move it or lose it, as they say.  I’m choosing to move!


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