I began sneezing shortly after my afternoon tea today.  I thought it was just dust or some mold from outside (I raked some leaves today), but the sneezing has continued.  Zicam STAT!  I’ve been using Zicam for a couple of years now, and find that it really helps to nip a cold in the bud.  I’m hoping this stops soon.  I have absolutely no time to be sick.

The Painters Challenge really took a lot of wind out of my sails, even though it really didn’t seem to be all that much work when I look back at it.  However, I now have a lot of quilts to catch up on.  I don’t think anyone will want me to be sneezing on their quilts, so let’s hope the Zicam does the job.

It seems impossible that it’s already November.  Tonight we set the clocks back.  Unfortunately, it won’t increase the number of hours of sunlight each day.  I really don’t mind the rain in the winter here (although you will hear me bitch about the frozen fog), but I do mind the lack of light.  I am a bit of a night owl, but I like to have some good hours of light to get things accomplished outside.  I guess this has become more important to me now that I have a dog – there always need to be a few hours for a walk or trip to the dog park!

So, if you notice the first signs of a cold, get some Zicam, and don’t forget to set your clocks back!fall back


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