Into the Wild

Sorry I have not been around much lately.  The fact is, I’m out in the wild.  The very weak network I’m connecting to at the moment is, in fact, called ‘The Wild.’  I am at Silver Falls State Park at a sewing retreat.  I got here on Monday and am not going home until Sunday.  My kids and house all have their appropriate sitters.  My dog is out at his cousin Kalli’s house, and my niece is house and cat sitting for me.  Nothing to do here but eat, sleep, sew.  Well, there’s also painting an art quilt (that’s not going well), and walking/hiking.  Today or tomorrow we will walk the Trail of Ten Falls.  It’s really spectacular.  I may not get to upload any photos till I get home because of the slow internet, but trust me, this is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see.  The link above will take you to the park website and you can see some photos of the lodges and the falls.  It’s spectacular, and the weather has been exceptional.  Clear, sunny (and moony at night!), and warm.  Also, I’m here with 24 other wonderful women and we have some wonderful men cooking fabulous food for us.  So, while it’s the WILD, we’re not really roughing it.

5 thoughts on “Into the Wild

    • There is really nothing like a walk in the woods to feed my soul. And, today I get the added bonus of the negative ions from the waterfalls. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is just extraordinarily beautiful for this time of year!

      • i assume youre in oregon…not too far away from where i am in vancouver BC…we also get similar weather to you…albeit lots n lots of rain in the winter and fall…but rather than complain like lots of BC folk, i thank my lucky stars im in such a wonderful part of the world…negative ions galore…hehe!

      • I am indeed in Oregon. We generally do have lots of rain from late October to June, but this has been a particularly dry year. I love the rain. Much rain makes big trees, as we say. Only hiked the first three falls today, but may do more tomorrow. My companions are not used to exercise.

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