It’s that time of the month

No, no, no . . . it’s not what you’re thinking.  Remember . . . I’m OLD!  It’s the time of the month when all the pets have a wet head because they’ve gotten their flea/tick/heartworm medication.  While my kids are generally very affectionate, I am being shunned as though I just rolled in poo.  Oh wait . . . the pets would probably enjoy that!  Anyway, I am definitely persona non grata here right now.

Photos from happier days.  Vince:

Vince sept 2013



crazy sadie


and Ozzie:



2 thoughts on “It’s that time of the month

  1. Your kids are very cute. Ozzie and my girls would have lots of fun with the ball. My Maggie usually has one in her mouth looking at me like “why are you sitting down again? I need to chase this round thing.”

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