The power of suggestion

Well, my Fitbit had not arrived by 3:30, so Ozzie and I headed out for a walk anyway.  I use the Endomondo Sports Tracker on my phone, so I know how far I go and how fast or slow, anyway.  Today’s walk was a bit slow, because I took the camera with me and took lots of photos of the fall leaves as we went.  What an absolutely gorgeous day!

When we were about a mile and a half from the house, the phone gave me an alert that a package had been delivered to the house.  I was a bit concerned, as FedEx always just leaves my packages on the front porch.  There were a few things in the box that wouldn’t have been a great tragedy to lose, but I hated to think that my new toy would disappear before I even got to use it.  Anyway, when we returned to the house, there was a note on the door telling me that my package had been left near the trash can by the garage door.  When I went to get it, I found that there were no worries about it disappearing.  It was being guarded by this fellow.  I have to admit that I was pretty loathe to reach around and get it.  I had to give myself the pat down afterwards and make sure there were no webs in my hair!

The guardian


If I had been really brave, I would have put my hand next to him.  I swear this guy’s body was about as big as the end of my thumb.  I do seem to grow some massive spiders around here.  Either this one was growing warts, or that’s a snack he’s munching on there. He did seem to be a bit preoccupied while I was retrieving the package.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit, so let’s bring it back around here.  I got the Fitbit, charged it up, set it up, and so far, I find the hardest thing about it is putting it on my wrist!  It has this two-pronged clasp you have to pinch together to secure it, and I’ve really had a hard time getting it to snap.  I will be a bit upset when the battery runs out and I have to recharge it again, because that will mean I have to take it off (no problem) and then have to put it back on again (could be a problem).  As I said yesterday, I’m not a really big sleeper, but here it is, not even 10:00 p.m., and I’m incredibly drowsy tonight.  I guess I’ll hit the hay and let this thing track my sleep.  I’m curious to know how it works and if it can, indeed, help me sleep better.  So far, it’s knocking me out!

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