A little Mucha quilt

A while back I showed you a color palette for a little art quilt I was making.  Well, as sometimes happens, things didn’t go as I planned, and I scrapped the quilt.  I was using the lovely batik fabrics to make a fusible appliqué representation of one of Alphonse Mucha’s posters.  So, I decided to use the same design, but instead, I would produce the image in whole cloth, and then paint it.  The exhibit in which it will be displayed is about painters so, why not paint it?

Today, I finished the initial quilting.  This quilt measures about 19.7″ square or 50 centimeters.  After I finish painting it, it will most likely go back on the machine for a little thread painting too.  The image is from Mucha’s Dance from his “The Arts” series.

Ready no watermark copy

and a bit of detail

Ready detail no watermark copy

Update on Saturday, October 5.  I was reminded this morning that I need to watermark my photos.  I forget that people just take pictures that aren’t theirs and show them around on the internet.  You may share my photos if there is a watermark.  Otherwise, I would hope you would leave them where they are.  Thanks!

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