Bring it on!

I know most of you think I’m nuts because I love storms and I love the rain.  Well, truth be told, I guess most of you think I’m nuts anyway!  We’re really cookin’ with gas as far as the storm goes right now.  25 mph winds with more intense gusts, and this is the radar at the moment.  Sunday 4 oclock

Eugene is in the second county up from the bottom, just into the yellow, where that divot is in the middle of the screen.  So – it’s pouring rain, and what have I gotten done today?  I cleaned the stove and fixed one of the burners on it and replaced all the drip pans (the others were about 20 years old and had just had it).  I made sure the electrical supply to the sump pump was working, cleared a clog (mostly just mud and leaf debris from what I could see . . . trust me, I didn’t look too closely) from the sump pump and got it working again.  Put a load of laundry in.  Made a loaf of sourdough rye high-protein bread.  Have almost completed a queen sized quilt, and knit about two more inches on the leg of a sock while the computer was running on the quilting machine.  Got the laundry out of the dryer and folded it up and even put it away!  I really get energy from a storm.

I’m hoping everyone in the northwest will stay safe.  Hopefully not many will lose power and, if so, for not too long.  And I hope there will be no major mud slides or no big trees down.  For now, I’m snug as a bug in a rug and I’m enjoying it immensely.

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