I’m in love again!

No, no . . .  not like that.  I am once again in love with my quilting machine!Eowyn2

Sigh – gone are the days when my studio was so clean and tidy!  At any rate, I have been out of commission for a few weeks because my stitch regulator began to cut out on me.  Quilting left to right or right to left, I began getting long stitches.  It would cause a hiccup in my quilting because those big stitches left me sort of floating in thin air, like there was no connection to anything, and it caused some majorly ugly quilting.  So, I ordered a new encoder wheel for my stitch regulator’s horizontal axis box.  It came with lovely instructions on how it was all to go together, with the encoder wheel fitting snuggly into the rear carriage wheel.  However, despite my best efforts, I could not even force the encoder close enough to snug up as it should.  Luckily, a call to Amy in service at APQS led me down an adventurous path.  I entirely removed the encoder box, filed out the adjustment slot, replaced everything, and now I’m back to beautiful stitches and the machine floating just as it should.  It’s almost like having a new machine again!

Here’s the encoder box off the machine with the wheel and all its shims and washers:

encoder box apart

This notch needed to be elongated at the bottom, so I could slide the encoder wheel into the drive wheel

ecoder notchLooks like it will worksungging up

Having to jack up the machine a bit to get the wheel back on

propping upPerfect fit!

perfectI often see those cutesy little tool sets made for women.  As if they would even come close to being sufficient!  Here’s what a big girl’s tool box looks like:


and add a set of files and rasps from Harbor Freight:

rasps and filesNow we’re talkin’!  My machine is running wonderfully again.


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