A new look

You will notice that the look of my blog has changed.  It may change a little more still, but I’m just playing with possibilities and seeing what I like best.  Eventually, everything will settle down and get back to a bit more normal . . .  whatever that is.

Speaking of things new to the blog, I’d like to tell you that I have some new followers and I’m not all that pleased about it.  Most of you come here for quilting things.  I apologize that there hasn’t been much of that lately.  One reason is that I’m dealing with a broken quilting machine, but I just got off the phone with APQS and have a few more ideas to try in addition to the parts I just replaced.  The other set of people who come here are those interested in weight loss surgery.  They come to read an old post about the Hobbit’s eating schedule and to read what I have to say about weight loss surgery.  Lately I have picked up a troll.  We’ll call him Bob because, well, that’s his name.  He posted a rude comment you didn’t get to read because I didn’t approve it.  Sort of like my not being able to read his blog because it’s private.  Bob insists that all my health problems are my own fault and that I shouldn’t speak evil of gastric bypass surgery.  Well, you know, in one way Bob is right.  The metabolic problems I have are due to weight loss surgery and the surgery was a choice I made.  Hence, it is my fault.  However, I have followed doctor’s orders, continued to eat as directed, take my vitamins, and exercise, and I still have some complications.  Rare complications, it’s true.  They don’t happen to everyone and most folks who have complications don’t get them so badly that they’re sent off to the area’s leading research hospital to see the specialists there.  Bob suggests that I just shut the hell up.  I suggested Bob stop following my blog and take his comments elsewhere.  We’ll see how that goes.  My main objective in posting my woes, along with garnering the sympathy of my friends (shameless, I know) is to let prospective patients know that it’s not the easy way out and there are dangerous things that can happen.  That said, I’m not dying and, given the opportunity to choose weight loss surgery again now, knowing what I know, I’d have to say that yes, I would do it again.  There’s nothing like moving around without your own body getting in your way.  I would, however, probably choose a gastric sleeve, which helps to keep the normal digestive path in place.

So, feel free to leave comments whenever you wish.  Constructive criticism is okay; rude is not.  I’m off to fix the quilting machine (again).  Hopefully, we’ll be back to quilting soon!


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