A little quilty goodness

Last weekend a friend and I drove to Portland to take in the NW Quilting Expo and to check out the new products at the Trends show at E.E. Schenck, the local wholesaler.  You saw my earlier post talking about the cool Silhouette cutter I bought at the Trends show.  Now that I have (hopefully) repaired my long arm I’ve had a few minutes to sit down and format some photos from the quilt show to share here.  While the NW Quilt Expo is a fabulous show, I think my only complaint about it is that they try to cram way too much into the Expo hall.  This can be a good thing, because you get to see so many quilts and get tons of inspiration.  It can, however, be very difficult to photograph the quilts, both because there are so many people packed into the crowded aisles, and because you can’t quite step back far enough to get the right angle.  There was a big display of modern quilts and, while I walked through and had some appreciation for the work exhibited there, I didn’t photograph any of them.  I’m a traditional gal, and didn’t find much inspiration there.  Here are a few of the quilts I liked.  I’ll share more of them when I’ve had time to do some more formatting.

This quilt — Creme de la Creme, was hand quilted by featured artist Bonnie Keller.  As someone who loves whole cloth, I really enjoyed it.

Creme de la creme Bonnie Keller

Bonnie Keller Close up 2

Bonnie Keller Close up


This quilt is called The Value of Gears, made and quilted by Judith Phelps.  I think it was inspired by the movie Hugo (which I’ve not seen).  I really liked this quilt.


Value of Gears Judith Phelps


This quilt was called Flower Basket Buffet, based on a Pam Clarke pattern, made by Debra Holmes and pieced by Kathleen Woods.


Debra Holmes Cathleen Woods


Who doesn’t like a quilt with cats in it?  This is called Secret Pal, by Kasey Egelus and quilted by Dean Lund.


Kasey Egelus Dean Lund


This of course, is a Hop To It quilt (Edyta Sitar’s pattern), made and quilted by Ginger Patano


Ginger Patano hop to it


This was Spring Roosting Robins by Lynda Lynn.  I really liked it and was very surprised not to see a ribbon on it.


Spg Roosting Robbins Lynda Lynn


This quilt is Venus Fly Trap, an original pattern by my friend Lynda Newell, from Seaside, Oregon.  It was fun to see it hanging in the show.


Lynda Newell Fly Trap


This quilt with the Triple Feathered Star in the center is by Loretta Orsborn.  I believe it had a well-deserved ribbon on it.  Loretta and I met about two years ago in a Marsha McCloskey class. Loretta quilts for Marsha on a regular basis.  I quilt for her sometimes.


L Orsborn F Star


L Orsborn close up


This is called Ambergris by Connie Dempsey.  Imagine furnishing your home with quilted furniture.  Pretty cool, right?


Ambergris Connie DempseyAnd here we have the best of show quilt, by Pat Busby.  It was interesting.  It was well done.  I did, however, see a lot of other quilts in the show that I thought were more impressive.  I am, however, not a quilt show judge.BOS Pat Busby



I’ll try to show more photos before I go off to MQX West, where I will no doubt come up with many more photos of wonderful quilts.  I’ll actually have a quilt hanging there too!


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