An early Halloween surprise

Ozzie and I decided to head for the dog park today, first to play some ball and then to take a good walk.  I got my phone and keys, loaded Ozzie into the car in the garage, and went around the back to get in on my side.  My garage is very small, and it’s generally a squeeze to get into the car.  Today, there was an added surprise in the mix.  One of these bad boys (or girls) had managed to get into my car and built a web between the driver’s side window and the steering wheel.


It squeezed itself up into the window trim, so I managed to get into the car, back the car out of the garage, open the window, and then took the dog ball chucker and dislodged him over the edge and into the driveway.  All the while, of course, squealing at the spider’s every movement.  I think my neighbor may have suspected that I was being murdered in a car jacking or something.  Even I was surprised at the uncontrollable noises emitting from my throat.  I made sure to yell ‘damn spider!’ before finally pulling out of the driveway to put my neighbor’s mind at ease.  Well, at ease about murder, anyway.  She probably now has confirmed in her mind that I’m an absolute loon.


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