One step forward, two steps back

Well, I woke up with the shoulder feeling a bit better this morning and was very encouraged.  I did some Pilates, took Ozzie to the park and threw the ball for him with my left arm (I’m sure I looked like a dork using the chucker with my left arm), and then we took a three mile walk.  I got home and decided I’d do some quilting on the freehand baby quilt I have on the frame, and came up against some long stitches in the mix.  This had happened last year and I adjusted the encoder wheel and all was well.  It happened again a few weeks ago and I cleaned the rails and the wheels really well and it went away.  Well.  It’s baaaack!  I got out the tool box and did my best to adjust the encoder wheel again, but I’m afraid that wheel is too worn out.  I cannot get it close enough into the groove of the wheel for it to create nice stitches.  I’m giving up on it for the day.  I’ve emailed the parts department at APQS that I want them to send me two new encoder wheels — this is the left/right wheel — I figure as soon as I get that one fixed the front/back wheel is bound to go.  If it doesn’t, it will be good to have one in the toolbox.

I guess I’ll devote the day to cleaning up the kitchen, clearing more stuff out of the spare room, and getting ready to paint.  I don’t like having all these quilts to do and not being able to work on them, even at my recently slow pace.  With any luck, my parts will be here by Wednesday at the latest.


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