Desperate times

call for desperate measures.  Well, I’m sure my times are not that desperate, but I’ve got to do something about my situation.  Whatever is wrong with my shoulder and arm (and my hip and my ankle) seems to be getting worse instead of better.  So, I’ve begun limiting my time on the computer.  All mousing and scrolling must be done with my left hand instead of my right.  I’ve also decided to cut out all artificial sweeteners.  I’m not a volume user of such things, but as you know, I can’t have sugar, so if I’m going to have something sweet, I’m limited.  I do have some stevia, which is natural, and I’ll use that to make lemonade if I need something refreshing.  I already use the stevia in my iced tea.  I was, however, using Mio (it’s a fruit-flavored concentrate sweetened with sucralose) and some club soda for an evening beverage, and consuming one or two glasses of that per day.  I have heard some real horror stories about the effects of artificial sweeteners on some individuals and, since I have become such a delicate flower, I thought I’d try eliminating all that stuff and see if my condition improves.  Otherwise, I’m going to have to pay a visit to the doctor.  As much as I like my doctor, I’m not a big fan of paying him a visit unless I absolutely have to.  My pain levels are not subsiding, and I can’t spend my life zonked on pain pills.  I need to get my room painted, so I need to be able to use my arm!  Not to mention that I have lots of quilts here to do.  I’m managing the pantographs okay, but I have a couple of big custom jobs to do and I’m dreading them.  I know the pain will only get worse.

I’ve got the Pilates machine out.  Pilates

That isn’t me, of course, but a search of the internet produced this photo which shows a machine very similar to mine.  It’s not nearly as nice as the Stott Pilates machine I used at physical therapy, but it allows me to do the same sort of movements, so I can stretch and strengthen my core muscles.  This little baby got me through two rotator cuff surgeries and I’ve got full range of motion in each arm.  Well, I did have full range until last week.  My right shoulder screams when I try to rotate it around, so I’m just doing gentle pulls with the pulley for now.

Ozzie and I took a drive out to the local farm stand and came home with lots of fresh veggies.  Lots of winter squash in right now, and we got a big bag of green beans too.  My diet was already pretty natural, but we’ll pare it down even further now.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve loaded a new book onto my iPod and I’m going upstairs to quilt, right after I put another Therma-care heat wrap on the shoulder.  I’ll stop and stretch and won’t over-do, but I’ve got to get some work done before I end up in the poor house!


One thought on “Desperate times

  1. Wow, Linda. I’m so sorry this pain is not abating for you. You have definitely given it a run for the $$, so perhaps a visit to the doc is in order. And I would suggest another round of allergy testing to see what other food products you have grown intolerant of. Hugs to you.

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