Ow, ow, ow!

Good grief.  You know I told you yesterday about the Glucosamine?  Well, whatever is plaguing my aching joints has upped the ante today.  I think I must have lifted some of my Ikea furniture boxes incorrectly or slept the wrong way.  My right shoulder is on fire, nearly as badly as it was when I tore my rotator cuff.  I’ve tried the electronic muscle stimulator, some icy-hot, a therma-care heat wrap, and the heated shiatsu massage pillow.  Whatever is wrong is not letting go, but I think it might be easing up a bit.  I’ve opted for a pre-bedtime muscle relaxer, and I’m hoping when I wake up in the morning, I’ll be feeling much better.  I’ve got work to do, for goodness sakes!

The change in the seasons brings so many things to do.  I’ve got a bit more canning to take care of, the yard to tend to — can’t wait for all the leaves to start falling off the silver maple in the back yard, and, of course, I’m supposed to be painting my sewing room.  I can’t even imagine trying to roller paint onto the walls at this point, so I’ve got to get better.  I’ve got the Pilates machine set up again, so I’m getting a good stretch on and hopefully I can get the knots out of that shoulder joint.

Tomorrow’s a new day — well, wait . . . it’s actually today.  I’d better get to bed so I can wake up feeling refreshed and out of pain!


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