On the clock

I started the Ikea clock project today.  I’ve probably gone as far as I can today, because I need to make sure the paint is dry before I go on to the next step.

You’ll remember that this funky little clock is currently made up of plain colored hexies.

Smycke clock

The blogger who first talked about the project said that the darker colored pieces gave unsatisfactory results when she put the modpodge and fabric on them, because you could see the color through the fabric.  So, today, I decided to level the playing field.  All pieces that were not white got painted white.

PiecesThis includes the three pieces on the center of the clock that you cannot remove

Clock middleYes, I did get a little over-spray on the hands of the clock, but I just got a little Goof-Off on a paper towel and wiped it right off.  You can see that the grey pieces on the clock are still showing through a bit.  I’ll decide if I need a second coat when it dries.  Oh – and under that newspaper is a really gross plastic table that I keep around for messy projects.  It went way past the point of being cleanable years ago, but it has these neat tubular legs you can pop on and off and I can hide it behind the garden shed when I’m not using it.

PrimerThis is the paint (actually a primer) that I used, as it is specially made to adhere to plastic.  You can use it to prepare your plastic lawn furniture for painting any color.  Hey!  Maybe I can paint my disgusting project table!  I am prepared for perhaps having to sand the sides of the pieces if I got a little too much paint on the sides.  They may not snap together properly if there is too much paint there.

So, stay tuned over the next few days, and we’ll see how far I get on my clock!


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