An unexpected adventure

A little more than a week ago, my Droid Razr bit the dust.  It had, a few weeks prior, started giving me electrical shocks when I was using it.  I totally shut it down and didn’t use it for about 24 hours, and when I turned it back on, it seemed okay.  I called Verizon and they offered to send me someone’s refurbished phone as a replacement, but I’ve no desire to have a phone that has been repaired after someone dropped it in the toilet.  I used the phone until the 15th, my sister-in-law’s birthday, when every call I received, I could hear the caller fine, but all they got in return was a great amount of static.  So, I decided that I really didn’t need a smartphone, and that I could just use one of the old LG phones that I still had stuffed in the junk drawer.  Well, I didn’t even last 24 hours with that!  The evening of the 15th I had to return a quilt to a client, and on the way there, I realized that they had better have cash or check, as I would no longer be able to use my Square credit card reader!  Then I realized I wouldn’t have access to my Google calendar, so I would have a record of my pick-ups and drop-offs.  Well,  that would not do!  So, on Friday, the 16th, I headed over to Costco and got a Samsung Galaxy S3 for only $29.99.  So far, I really like this phone, but I do, on occasion, have trouble finding the screen that allows me to change some of the settings.  This can be a bit problematic, but so far, I’ve managed to find most of what I need for instructions just by surfing the web.

Last Wednesday, my sister was headed down to Eugene from the Seattle area on the train.  Since I needed to retrieve my antique chainstitch machine that I had left in McMinnville on my birthday last year, I thought they would appreciate it if I picked that up before an entire year had passed, and I needed a desk at Ikea in Portland, so I told my sister to get a ticket from Seattle to Portland, and I’d pick her up at the train station, head to Ikea, and then come home . . . having already retrieved the antique machine in McMinnville on my way there.  I set out from home fairly early, and turned on the Verizon Navigator, which I had used frequently before, but I swore there was a setting for saying you wanted to go by the fastest route, best use or least use of freeways, toll roads, etc.  I couldn’t find the setting, so I just let the navigator take me.  I generally like to take the leisurely route up Highway 99 to McMinnville, but since time was of the essence, I followed the instructions being barked to me.  I exited I-5, our major valley corridor, at Brooks, and headed west through an amazing array of hop fields.  Very picturesque.  After only a few miles, the navigator told me to turn left onto Wheatland Ferry Rd.  I did so, and was totally stunned when she told me to prepare to board the ferry in about 1.5 miles!  WHAT?  A ferry?  Out here in the middle of nowhere?  You’re kidding, right?  My initial reaction was to turn around and go back to the freeway, drive north, and get on the coast highway and drive to McMinnville.  The relaxed, retired woman in me began to whisper, ‘it could be fun, you know . . . when was the last time you were on a ferry?’  So, I checked my purse to see if I had any cash for an expected ferry fare, and since I had some funds and my checkbook, I decided to go for it.  Turns out it was a mere $2 for the ferry ride and, looking at a map afterwards, I saw that it did cut a huge chunk out of my journey.  Here are a few photos of what I saw when I arrived at the landing, and of the up and down river shot while aboard.  You can read about the history of the Wheatland Ferry on Wikipedia.

Wheatland Ferry


Wheatland 2


Wheatland 3

It was a bit of a fun adventure!


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