Let’s start some art

It’s time for another art quilt.  Those of you who have followed my blog over the years know that I occasionally participate in international art exchanges.  Some of the nations involved over the years have been Japan, France, New Zealand, and the USA.  This time, the challenge will be between the USA, Japan, and France.  Because our usual USA coordinator is extremely busy this year and was unable to participate, I am the USA coordinator for this challenge, along with my sister Ginny as my helper.  Our 50cm quilts (approx 19.7″) will be based on World Painters.  I have Alphonse Maria Mucha.  Below is my color palette (well, most of it anyway).  I won’t be sharing more until the quilt is done.  I prefer to keep my cards a bit closer to my chest than most quilters.

Start Art

The quilts will debut at Yokohama International on November 14 and then move on to Tokyo in January 2014.  I’m not certain of other venues in Japan, but after that, they will travel to France.  After about 18 months in France, they will return to the USA.  I’m currently booking venues for 2015.

I can tell you that the quilt looks absolutely fabulous in my head.  I’m not sure how it will look when it comes out in fabric.


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