We’re having a heat wave

It is absolutely gorgeous outside.  Not a cloud in the sky and just so pretty, but it is outrageously hot.  Even with a fairly powerful air conditioner in my attic studio, I can feel that heat trying to creep in through the ceiling.  We tied the record for the day at 96° today.  I’m hoping it will cool down a bit more quickly tonight than it did last night.  I only managed to cool the house off to 75° last night, because it didn’t get all that cool outside either.  I’ve been busy — got about six quilts quilted, lots of embroideries done for my July craft projects, and Ozzie and I have walked and walked and played ball at the park.  I’ll get some photos together when I am cool enough to recover some of my energy, and I’ll be back to share.  In the meanwhile, all of you out here in the west with me, stay cool!


4 thoughts on “We’re having a heat wave

  1. HI! I thought about you and the heat you are getting when I saw the weather this morning! Too hot for me! Take care and stay cool. I think we are about to get all your rain for the next couple of days. We have had flash flood warnings out for three days and the rain isn’t suppose to start until tonight.

    • Unfortunately, our rain has abandoned us this year. Perhaps it ran away to Georgia? We’re over 15 inches short on rainfall this year and we’re supposedly just heading into the dry season. I certainly hope it’s not going to stay this hot. I think of a friend of mine down in Placerville, CA, though, and it’s over 10 degrees hotter each day there!

    • It cooled off last night to 59°, so the house is cool this morning. We’re supposed to have a high of only 90° today, which is about my limit. Actually, I’m fairly tolerant up to 85°, then it gets nuts. I’ll take 90° over 96° (yesterday’s high) any day! Stay safe in all that rain. Don’t drive through any weird puddles!

  2. You and Ozzie stay cool!!! I hope the temps get back to normal soon! I think we will need an ark from the sounds of it — the weather people are really sounding the alarm. I think they are doing that since in 2009 we had our 100 year flood and not much was “forecast” prior to the rain. Going to take the dogs for their last walk for a couple of days!!

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