Through the wormhole and out the other side

I wonder if I should start looking into bio-rhythms and that sort of thing.  I swear there must be periods in life where absolutely nothing can go right, and you just have to wait it out.  Fortunately, I think my waiting period is up and I’m on the upswing again.  Last month was the pits.  A kidney stone, a pulmonary virus that I swore would kill me, and, just as I began to recover from that, I had a flare up of back pain that sent such spikes of lightning down my legs that I couldn’t sit, stand, or lie down comfortably.  A couple of sleepless nights sent me to the doc for a shot in the butt and some steroids, and I’m much better now.  Through it all, Ozzie and I kept up walking (although not very far) and playing at the dog park.  I had to use the long-handled chucker to throw the ball, since I certainly couldn’t bend much to pick it up.

So, while I was doing a lot of lying around trying to mend myself, I needed to keep my hands busy and decided to try one of these little clamshell boxes by Clover.  You buy a packet of these little petal-shaped plastic forms (thicker for the outer fabric and thinner for the inner), pad them with a bit of batting, cover them with fabric, and then stitch them all together for a little spring-loaded-type box.  It was pretty fun to do until you get to sewing the third panel on.  It wants to keep popping off while you’re trying to stitch and, even though the Clover Wonder Clips will help you hold everything together up to that point, they will pop off and go sailing across the room if you try to use them for the final step.  Anyway, here’s the little box I made.  Perhaps I’ll use it for a coin purse or give it away as a gift to a friend.

Clamshell box

Side one – Moda’s Jardiniere fabric

Clamshell other sideSide two – another bird!

Clamshell bottomThe bottom

Clamshell inside 2Just squeezing to open the box

Clamshell insideAnd the lining

I realize I really need to work on my hand stitching.  Overall, the effect is fairly neat, but there are some real bobbles there.  I’ve got (I think) five more packets of forms so I’ll make a few more of these.


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