Be careful what you wish for

Life in retirement is not always that easy, especially if you retire very early (at age 56) without a lot of sound financial advice.  I’ve considered going back to work several times, but I just can’t really face going back to the UO, and that’s where I would make the best money.  I did ask to be put back on the part-time, temporary list, but it seems everyone wants full-time workers to fill in where needed.  I just can’t work full-time in an office anymore, so I’ve declined.  So, I decided I needed to ramp up my quilting business and get some funds rolling in here.  The quilts finally began to come pouring in the door, just in time for me to be hit with a kidney stone . . . if you’ve ever had one, believe me, you can’t do anything but take pain meds, lie around drinking copious amounts of water and wait for it to pass . . . followed shortly by the plague, which I’ve had for over a week now.  I’m on my fourth bottle of cough medicine, and finally have my voice back, and the vile sore throat finally left me last night.  The sun is out, it’s supposed to be an absolutely gorgeous day (and I do think it is shaping up as such), and I AM going to get better.

In the meanwhile, I’ve managed to finish a custom quilt for Beth — an on-line longarming friend who I hope to meet in person some day.  Through all the wonky quilts that I get . . . remember those ripply antique quilts of a few months ago? . . . it is such a joy to get a quilt that is well-pieced.  Generally, when a longarmer loads a quilt onto the frame, there is a lot of straightening and smoothing that has to happen.  Not so with this beauty.  It rolled on so flat and smooth that I nearly cried for joy.  It was an absolute delight to work on . . . what’s not to like?  Stars, gorgeous fabrics in such pretty colors, and . . . did I mention that it was nice and flat and square?  LOL  Here are a few (maybe too many?) photos.

Beths Quilt

Beths Quilt 2

Beths feathered triangles

Beths detail

Beths corner

Beths Quilt back

The Back

The back 2

Back Edge

Back Detail

Back edge detail



For those of you who like the technical stuff, that’s Fil-Tec’s Glide in Cleopatra on the top, wonderful Magna Glide bobbins in cream on the back.  3 Sisters feathered triangles, Jessica Schick’s (Digitech Designs) feathered square, Legacy’s curled sashing (liberally edited by me), and my own little cornerstone flower.

I’ve also finished a couple of pantograph quilts since this.  I’ve got to get the binding on a few today and think I will go over to the sewing room to do that — too much clutter on the work surfaces in this house to be able to get the bindings on without knocking everything off onto the floor!  Actually, I’ve beginning to think I would just knock everything to the floor and get a shovel and and get everything out of here.  Being ill and busy at the same time tends to lead to total chaos.

So, the sun is out.  It’s a brilliantly beautiful day (although I know the pollen is through the roof), so I will inoculate myself with every available allergy med I have and head on out there.  I’ve no more time to be ill and I absolutely refuse to devote any more time to it.  I’ll post more pics soon, as I have a plethora of things to share, should I find time to take the pics!


2 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. HI!!!! Your work is amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures of more work you have done recently. I do hope you are feeling better too!

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