Dogpark Rant

Okay.  I’m ill.  I have no voice.  Well, I had a little left until I just used it all up on a jerk at the dog park.  Even when you’re sick, your dog still needs exercise, so I loaded Ozzie into the car and we went to the park.  As you know, my dog is ball-obsessed.  He has to chase the ball, or he goes ballistic, yipping in this really high-pitched bark that will drive you out of your mind (it has driven me out of mine).  I also have to have two balls, because he will not give me the one he brings back to me unless I’m ready to throw another.  We’ve worked on this and we can manage with one if I prove to him I do not have another ball.  I swear, I have to turn my pockets inside out, etc.  So, when we go to the dog park, I go to play ball with my dog.

If it often the case that other dogs will chase the ball or chase Ozzie, and it can be annoying, but it’s generally good-natured and I don’t mind too much unless one of the dogs steals one of the balls and goes running off with it.  Today, there was a person in the park with a large brown lab and a large pit bull.  They were both large and playful dogs, and I don’t have much of a problem with them, but I did have a problem with their owner.  The pitbull stole our ball twice and ran off with it, and the owner would do nothing to help me get it back.  Another good samaritan assisted me.  The brown lab wanted me to throw the ball for him, to the point of nearly knocking me down several times.  I asked the owner to please keep that dog away from me.  At first he/she (I’m really not sure, and that’s cool, but this person was an idiot by any standards) called the dog off me and went down to the other field.  Cool – Ozzie and I played and played.  After a while this person came back and the dog was in my face about the ball again.  Not only do I not go to the park to throw the ball for someone else’s dog, I’m a bit scared of falling down due to the damage I already have to my spine.  I don’t like big dogs near me.  Sorry, that’s just the way it is.  When I said again, “could you please keep this dog away from me?” I was informed that the park was communal space and I had no right to tell the dog what he could do.  I about lost it.  I told this person the park was communal space, but I was not, and didn’t appreciate having the dog climb my frame to get the ball.  I was then informed that he was “just a good dog who wanted to play ball.”  So I said, “If your dog wants to play ball, you need to bring one to the park and play with him!”  I think I may have seen a light dawn there — what a concept, no?  Anyway, do NOT tangle with me when I’m sick and trying to play with my dog.  I’m glad I’m home with a happy and passed out dog, and I can go back to quilting.  Well, after my blood pressure goes down!

1 thought on “Dogpark Rant

  1. People are so rude, self centered and just stupid!!! Don’t let this person ruin your day. I applaud you standing your ground.

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