Portland Yesterday

What a gorgeous day for a drive to Portland it was!  Normally, the road to Portland is not that great.  A long, straight, flat, boring drive on I-5 for the most part, but yesterday was very special.  Not a cloud in the sky, and the Mountains were out!!  That’s what we say here . . . the mountains are generally hiding behind quite a bit of cloud cover, and it’s rare to see them, especially at this time of year.  Here is Mt. Hood

Mt Hood 2

From a field outside of Aurora, Oregon

Mt Hood


From the sixth floor of the OHSU Center for Health and Healing on the waterfront in Portland

And here’s Mt. St. Helens

Mt St Helens

This one is from the 6th floor of the Center for Health and Healing too

St Helens


This one is from the I-5 bridge as I was driving to EE Schenck – yep, I can’t make a trip to Portland without visiting the wholesaler or Fabric Depot or both.  This time I just went to Schenck.

Oh – and the deal is, if my insurance company will give approval, which will take some doing, the surgeon will revise my gastric bypass surgery from a RNY to a gastric sleeve.  Basically, what this means is that my bottom portion of my stomach will be restored so that I can eat without having violent reactions to sugar.  Sure, I’d love to lose another 10-20 pounds, but at this point, that’s not the goal.  I just want some normalcy back in my life.  I know I’m probably in for a fight with insurance, so I’ll sit tight and wait for appeal after appeal.

4 thoughts on “Portland Yesterday

  1. I hope you get good news from the insurance company!!! Its been a long journey for you. I remember when you posted geting the surgery! BTW, loved the pictures of your cute fur child swimming!!! And you can post a picture of my quilt when you get done! I cant’ wait to see it. Take care

    • Oh good! I’m almost there. This has been a joy to work on – so nice and flat and square. I nearly cried when I was loading it because it just slipped on like a glove instead of having to keep stopping and tugging and smoothing. Really nice piecing, Beth!

      • I am so glad it was easy to load!! I am looking for any tips or areas of improvement. I am so excited to have you quilt this top for me, you just don’t know!!! Since I cant’ do custom freehand anymore, this will mean so much to me.

        Do take care of yourself. I will keep my fingers crossed with the insurance fight. I know what that’s like. You look great right now (from the Hawaii pic) and now you are right, you need to get to feeling better. Take care!!!!!

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