Where have I been?

Well, life has been fairly busy, but leisurely so, lately.  Our Spring has been so gorgeous here in Oregon, that Ozzie and I can’t stay in the house.  So, we go for walks in the park (Alton Baker) on Pre’s Trail (named for Steve Prefontaine).  Come take a walk with us. It’s only about 5.5 miles.  Then we’ll come home, maybe take a short nap . . .  I’m old, remember!  And then we’ll need to do some quilting.  The heck with the housework — we can still walk through the house.  Right now, nature is calling.  It’s cold this morning, but we’re off to the park again soon, because, well, it’s too beautiful not to go.

Dark purple lilac

Something blooming

Solomon Seal

White bush

Yellow poppy 2

Yellow poppy

Mini Lupines

Red leaf 2

Little clover flowers

Mystery white

White vetch

Wild sweet pea


Pink Weed

Childrens weed

Pres Bane

Improving Scenery

Float to Springfield

Other half lives


Sit and read

Bike or run walk

Toward Springfield


Wood hyacinth

Mill Pond

Camas Shade

Back down the trail

Thistle Flower

Parallel bars


Ozzie Drink

Lilac close


Lupine close up


Pres loop two

Past dog park again

Camas field


Pres Trail April 22 2013 092

Back to dog park

On towards the dog park

Cuthbert other side Yellow weeds

Another dog

More big trees

Little fir grove

Frisbee golfers

Back into park




Different Ducks

Wakey wakey


Mock orange

Grape Hyacinth



Oregon Grape

Cuthbert garden look back


Alton Baker Duck area

Flowering Chain

Cuthbert garden


Canadian Geese

Apple Blossoms

Flowering trees

White viney flowers

Millrace along the path


Poppy in the wind


On our way

Trail Start

Mill Bridge East

Mill Bridge West

Millrace Bridge

Trail legend

Home of the ducks

Passing Dog park


I am more than blessed to live in this place.


9 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Linda ~~ that’s one beautiful healthy walk you and Ozzie take. I think I’m doing good taking my 3 miles!! Keep it up and hope you’re doing better.

  2. It looks beautiful, Linda! Our weather was nice for about 2 days, now it’s supposed to get colder again. And nothing is blooming yet. I think I’d rather be where you are right now 😉


    • It was a bit chilly today, but just gorgeous. Supposed to be in the mid-80s by the end of the week. While I’m loving this weather, we could really use the rain, and I’d do a lot more quilting if the weather made me stay in the house!

  3. Don’t you just love Spring? I sure do! Thank you so much for taking us along for the walk. I sure enjoyed it. Down here we are well into it. Most of the flowers that one associates with Spring have already bloomed. Our azaleas are almost past their beauty. Ours has, however been a strange season. We have had more rainfall and cooler temps than are the norm. I am not complaining though, cooler is good! Love the lilacs! We just get too warm for them to be able to do much. Give them a good sniff for me! Hope that you are feeling well these days and life is good for you. Sara

  4. Oh Linda! What a beautiful place to walk! The pictures are wonderful. Our weather here in Georgia is finally getting normal temps and the flowers, grass, and trees are all blooming and happy too! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. Beth

  5. wow beautiful park you have there, a trail to prefontaine pretty cool too, read his book seen the movie, would you be able to tell us some of the names of some of the flowers? I recognize lilac, larkspur (the dark purple flower?) poppie the orange flower? can you tell me the name of that tree with the lobed pointy leaves with the long panicle of flowrs hanging down? what is the average number of sunny and part sunny days there? I got the impression that oregon and washington states are cloudy and rainy most of the year, am I wrong about that? love all the flowering trees and that trail heck the whole park seems to be well maintained.

    • Hi Roberta – yes, I’m very lucky to live here! The Tree with the hanging chains of flowers is an Oregon Big Leaf Maple. Yes, there are lilac, wild delphinium (larkspur), poppies, wild sweet pea (sometimes called vetch), miniature lupines (the big ones are just starting to bloom now), a thistle flower, apple blossoms, solomon’s seal, oregon grape, etc. Within a few weeks, there will be a riot of wild flowers around here. It’s just gorgeous. Oregon and Washington are generally rainy between October or November and May to June. Our summers, however, are often dry and hot. This spring has been unusually dry. We’re 14 inches below average rainfall. We are blessed in Eugene, since the city is at the confluence of the Willamette and the McKenzie Rivers – we always have mountain snow melt, even when things get very dry.

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