Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Sharon Schamber is a genius.  Most of you know I’ve taken lots of classes from her and I love teaching her methods for piecliqué and machine appliqué.  Today, on Facebook, a friend shared a post from Sharon showing her chair at a quilting class.  Here it is:  boat seat


It’s a boat seat!!  Sharon shared the file through Instagram and it’s posted on her Facebook page.  I’m off to my Silver Falls Quilting Retreat in less than three weeks, so I’ve got to get me one of these.  I’ve found them on Amazon for less than $40.  Sharon says she got hers at WalMart for $39.99.  What a great idea.  I’ve been stacking the chairs at Silver Falls and I manage to do okay with two chairs, but this looks a whole lot more comfortable.  I’ve been thinking of buying a special chair for retreats, but you can never get those things in your car!


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