Seize the day

Time.  How much do we have?  Tragedy yesterday in Boston, tragedies happening everywhere.  And then, today comes the news that a friend as taken last night by an aneurysm.  Gina Terranova – Dear Gina as many of you know her, is gone.  Like that.  I have no idea what to say, but the sun is out, and I’m taking the dog for a very long walk in the park.  I’ll enjoy the day for Gina and perhaps she and her sweet Ginger will be along for the walk with us.  Wow.  Time is precious folks.  Grab it and growl.


2 thoughts on “Seize the day

  1. I have been wondering why there were no new posts on her blog. How sad for Gina and her family. This comes as a huge shock to me. Thanks for sharing this.

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