I have to admit that every day since I’ve retired is Friday for me.  I tell everyone that it’s always Friday at 5:00!  My time is MINE!  Well, mine and my quilting clients — and they have been very patient with me lately as I’ve been through house repairs and machine repairs and life in general.  I’m almost all caught up now, so in the evenings, I come down and watch the news.  I often feel antsy just sitting here in my chair and have a tendency to play a game on the computer while I’m watching the news, but I could be making better use of my time.  I am thinking about bringing a small table in, so I can piece while I watch the news.  Not even sure why I watch the news, but I do — nearly every day.  After that, I usually go back upstairs to sew, take Ozzie for a walk, or read.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, except tonight, Grimm is on, and that is one of my favorite shows.  No Downton Abbey for a while, so I decided last night that it was high time I knit again.  I blindly started on these socks before I noticed that they don’t really have a cuff at the top — they are just ribbed all the way down and they’re supposed to stay up.  I hope so!  If not, I’ll be peeved, because I really love this yarn and its so me — It’s called Wicked Witch!!  It’s Imagination from Knit Picks (50% Merino Wool, 25% Alpaca, and 25% nylon) and it is really called Wicked Witch — the color anyway.  I also got two hanks for Ruby Slipper for another pair of socks.  Anyway, I’m doing these top down and magic loop.  My loop is a bit long, but I didn’t have a shorter cable  and I decided now that I’m retired, I can’t be getting new needles every time I decide to make something else.  I had purchased these to make another pair of socks some time ago, so I figured they’d have to do.  I may end up with a pair of slightly baggy socks but, I figure that since my feet are always freezing, I most likely won’t mind.  I just love this color!

wicked witch socks


4 thoughts on “Friday!

    • I actually like the DPNS better for working, but I switched to the long circular and the magic loop because every now and then, one of my DPNS would slip out, and I’d end up with a mess! Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at picking up dropped stitches, but I still hate doing it. I’m coming up on having to turn the heel now, and I haven’t done this in a very long time. I’m nervous!

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