Did I really say that?

Did I really say there are no bad quilts?  Sigh.  Sometimes we speak too soon.  And, this isn’t really a bad quilt, I just had a much harder time trying to tame it than all the others.  In nine years of longarm quilting, I have never willfully put a tuck in someone’s quilt top.  This one is full of tucks.  There was so much excess fabric in places that I just could not steam and starch the ripples out, even if I had a Pacific Ocean full of starch!  As it was, I refilled the water chamber in my iron four times trying to wrestle with this quilt, and I made it as square and flat as I could.  Still, as I was working with it, I reminded myself that it was a) hand stitched, b) made in a time when there were no rotary cutters, c) made in a time when there were no square rulers (at least for quilters), and, d) probably made in a time where the maker didn’t have good lighting.  I know my mother was raised in a home with no electricity, so I’m assuming this was made in those days.

You can see this is not flat



It has serious issues



Way too much fabric in the blocks – where do I put it?

too much


But it’s done



I’m sort of glad the finished pictures are a bit blurry.  I think I was so tired and wiped out by this quilt when I finished that I even out shook my camera’s advanced anti-shake technology!



I do hope my client likes it.  She is the same one with the pink-sashed old quilt.