What are you reading?

My friend Judy Laquidara has a weekly post on her blog asking us what we are reading.  I have many bookshelves filled with books, I have an Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy II with Kindle app), and a smartphone (Droid Razr with Kindle app) so I can read lots of things.  However, my main method of “reading” is to listen to audiobooks on my iPod.  I’m always doing something (except when I’m sitting at the computer), so I can’t really hold a book or device in my hand for old-fashioned-type reading.

Currently, I’m listening to a re-read of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.


I get my audiobooks from Audible.  I’ve been a member there, off and on, for many years and have a rather extensive library.  What’s really nice about Audible, besides their huge selection of books, is that, if you become a member and decided to lay low for a bit, your library stays there.  You can go back and download your books even when your membership is inactive.  Then, when you have listened to everything you have, you can go back and restart your membership and get more credits and add more books.  They also send you emails telling you about new reads in your favorite genres and new or old award-winning books.  This really helps when you’ve exhausted the bibliography of your favorite authors.  Some books are great with one read.  Some I revisit over and over again.  Tolkien was my friend at a very rough juncture of my life, and I go back to visit his characters often, when I need a little escape from the everyday.

I love to listen to books while I quilt.  Generally, when I see someone’s quilt in a show, or see a quilt I’ve done for a family member on their bed or couch, I can remember the book I was listening to while quilting their quilt.  It’s always nice to have an adventure while working on a project.

What are you reading today?  Be sure to hop over to Judy’s blog and check out all she’s doing.  She amazes me with all she accomplishes each day.