Make mine green

Well, I’m looking for my mojo . . . trying to get some spunk back, so I’ve been upping the exercise and trying to eat well.  The exercise is nearly killing me, but I keep at it, and my diet is taking a dramatic turn.  As many of you know, I can’t eat refined carbs, so I’ve had a diet of mainly protein (meat, fish, eggs) and vegetables.  I still would get very sleepy after eating and, worst of all, I was beginning to gain weight.  Not a lot, about 5 pounds over the last couple of months, but having been majorly fat at one point in my life, I’m just not going back there.  I’ve recently changed most of my diet to vegetable-based, and have found a couple of combinations or non-meat proteins that work for me.  Very tricky when you get to the beans and rice department, as too much starch can make my blood sugar crash and can also cause horrible flatulence — neither a very desirable state!  I’m finding that a combination of black beans and black rice is working very well for me.  About 2/3 beans to 1/3 rice.  Black rice is also known as the Emperor’s Rice or Forbidden Rice, as back in ancient China, only the Emperor was allowed to eat it.  It is supposed to have very good health benefits.  Black beans are very close to being a perfect protein, having an amino acid score of 103, where 100 is ideal.  I’m learning (and remembering) a whole lot about how to combine foods for maximum health.  Also trying to follow the Joel Fuhrman mantra of GBOMBS – Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds.  Today’s lunch really fit the bill.  Red onions, baby portabella mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, and kale, with a small side of black beans and black rice.  So far, I’m not really feeling the energy, but I may live as a very tired person for a whole lot more years!  We’ll see how it goes.



Back in my college days (ages ago) I was very much into Frances Moore Lappe’s Diet for a Small Planet and I ate a mostly vegetarian diet, using her charts on how to combine foods.  At least perusing the charts and cooking like this takes me back to being about 19 years old, so if I keep it up, I may find the time machine yet.  I’m just hoping my energy will come back!