I’m home!  I had a wonderful time and wished you were all there!

Linda LeiI arrived in Kona at about 5:30 p.m., looking a bit disheveled, as I had been sleeping on the plane!  Donna brought me this gorgeous lei.  It smelled like heaven.

We had dinner out on her lanai overlooking Kona.

KonaI know you will feel sorry for me (NOT!) that I ate most of my meals in this spot.  The weather was so beautiful and warm there, though it was frozen fog back home in Eugene.  Still, I’m the odd woman who goes to Hawaii and still wears my wool socks and sweatshirt because, as you know, I’m always cold!  At least my toes thawed out while I was there and there were some days when I managed to take the sweatshirt off because I warmed up enough.

We downloaded updates for the Intelliquilter the next morning and set to work learning the new tools included with the upgrade.  In the evening, we went to dinner at Sam Choy’s on Ali’i Drive.  The food was excellent, but the view was even better.

Sunset from Sam ChoysWe then went to walk around old town Kailua Kona, and the first thing I did was drop my camera and break the lens!  Well, the lens mount, so the pictures all came out blurry.  I investigated getting the lens fixed, but the price was twice what it cost to get a new lens, so I opted for that.  Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive till I got home, but I did have my Droid to take photos with.  I prefer my camera, as it has advanced anti-shake technology for my tremor, but the Droid did okay for the most part.

On Friday morning, the rep from Trans Pacific Textiles came to Donna’s house, and a whole bunch of people showed up for a fabric fest!  There were so many beautiful things to see — batiks, children’s prints, indigos, asian fabrics, etc.  All the folks who were buying would hold something up and say, “I like this and would like to get 10-15 yards.  Does anyone want some?”  And, then they’d all pile on and order a bunch.  I think the rep left with a hefty order and a big smile on her face!

Decisions decisions Fabric galore Viv Fabric fest 2 Fabric fest


In between learning things on the IQ, we went to the farmer’s market, the gym, to the Aloha Quilters Guild meeting, and to Catherine’s house (another APQS quilter).  She had the most beautiful poinsettia growing by her front walk.

Catherines poinsettias


And, she had this huge avocado tree with the most delicious, not to mention enormous, avocados on it.  We had one with lunch!

Catherines Avocado Tree


See on the left-hand side of the picture, in the bright sunshine?  That huge thing is a delicious avocado hanging from the tree.  Catherine has another lovely view of the Pacific from her house.

View from Catherines LR


On Sunday, Catherine came over to Donna’s for a demonstration of all the IQ can do, and then we headed downtown for lunch.  I can’t remember the name of this place, but I think it was Puka Bowl.  The food was great!  Here is Donna, me, and Catherine.

Donna Linda Catherine


Boy, do I need a haircut!  And, yes, I’m wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and sweatshirt while everyone else is wearing tank tops!  OY.

We worked a lot on Monday, went to the gym, and then Tuesday, we got up and went to Volcano National Park.  We went around the island and stopped in Hilo at an orchid farm, where Donna and Viv put a very large dent in their purses by buying many of the gorgeous orchids.  I apparently have not formatted those photos yet, so they’ll have to wait for another post.

Anyway, I enjoyed staying with Donna, who was a very gracious hostess, has a lovely home, and is a whirlwind of energy.  She has a very productive sewing business, making quilts, children’s clothing, and doing alternations in addition to longarm quilting.  She had so many fun things planned for me that we didn’t get to go over so many IQ things, but I’ll send her my class handouts, so hopefully, that will help.  I had the best time!






One thought on “Aloha!

  1. Oh Linda, thanks so much for the pictures! It looks like paradise for sure. So happy that you had a great time! So Donna is Hitome’s real name? I see her on MQR. Such gorgeous fabrics! Do they sell to individuals instead of stores? What a fun “party” that must be! Waiting on the next installment! Thanks!! and welcome home!

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