Starting to pack!

Number 1 item on the list?  The camera!  And extra batteries.  Did I tell you I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii?  I’m so excited.  Warmth, beauty, friends, quilting, volcanoes . . . what more could a girl want?  I will be so glad to get out of this cold.  There is hope for today though.  For some reason, the sun is out!  No fog has rolled up from the river in this direction (not yet, anyway), and I’m hoping we may actually get above freezing.  Putting off the dog walk for later, in hopes of a little heat in the day!


3 thoughts on “Starting to pack!

  1. So excited for you! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures, so you can share your trip with us when you come back! Would love to “go along with you”. 🙂

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