Three steps forward, one step back

Geez.  I’ve been perking along since the new year (actually before), keeping the house clean, getting some sewing done, getting some quilting done, organizing, etc.  I have really been enjoying my little cottage since Tuesday, when they fixed my heating ducts.  It is so warm and toasty in here, I think I may actually like this little wreck of a house again!  Wednesday I ran errands, got a little shopping for the trip done (I really needed one of those tiny tubes of toothpaste), and Thursday, I started feeling twinges of sciatica in my left leg as I scurried around quilting, etc.  I’m thinking it may have been caused by the stress of sending my resume’ into the UO for part-time work so I can help pay for all these home repairs lately.  Anyway, by Thursday night, the searing pain down my left leg was so bad, I couldn’t sleep.  I could relieve the pain for about ten minutes at a time with an ice pack and the massage pad, but it got really bad.  I do have a standing prescription for pain medication – yes, a three-level spinal fusion means pain for the rest of your life – but the pain pills weren’t helping and I hate taking the darn things to begin with.  So, Friday morning, I called the doc.  Fortunately, I managed to get right in.  I ended up waiting about 45 minutes in the exam room — unusual for my doc’s office, but with the flu rampaging around, I wasn’t surprised.  I had to spend those minutes pacing the room, as I couldn’t sit down.  Luckily, when the doc finally came in, he had some remedies for me.  I got a shot of toradol (anti-inflammatory) right into my tush, which really helped to numb things, and a prescription for some muscle relaxers and some prednisone.  I came home, got the ice pack back out, took the muscle relaxers and a pain pill, and slept for about 18 hours.  I felt so much better when I got up!  I’ve put the prednisone aside in case the pain comes back with a vengeance, but I’m really hoping I won’t need to take it.

It is a huge blessing to have a doctor who has some pain issues of his own.  He never thinks I’m in there whining for pain medication or that I’m lying.  Actually, yesterday, I told him I had plenty of pain pills, I just needed something to make this STOP!!  If I hadn’t driven myself to his office, which he was astounded that I had, he probably would have given me something to knock me out, but he knew I needed to drive home.  I’m kind of glad he didn’t give me any of that stuff, because it messes me up for days.

So, crisis averted for now.  I’ll take the prednisone to Hawaii with me in case I get desperate, but I’m hoping I will not need it this time around.  I’m back to sewing and Ozzie and I took a trip to the UO today to play ball.  It’s friggin’ freezin’ out there, Mr. Bigglesworth, but we had fun anyway.  He’s sleeping soundly after all his exercise.


2 thoughts on “Three steps forward, one step back

  1. Hi Linda! I have back/sciatic/periformus muscle issues as well~~mostly on my right side. I notice it especially after I sit and sew at my sewing machine. So what I’ve done is instead of extending my leg to reach the pedal, I put the pedal almost right under me/my chair so I don’t have to stretch my leg. It really helps ALOT! Have a good trip and aloha!

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