Hawaii in a week!

Wow.  How did I not tell you all about this?  As you know, my life is full of calamities, but you should know that it is also full of blessings.  Things happen to me in the strangest of ways.  In early November I went out to brunch with my brother Ted and sister in law Becca.  The weather was gloomy, and somehow, Becca’s brother Dan came up in the conversation.  Dan and his wife have a place they bought from her mom’s estate over in Hawaii, and I asked Becca if he ever allowed folks to stay there, as I badly wanted to go to Hawaii (I’ve never been) and lodging always seemed to be the most horrible expense.  She said she’d ask, but there was no need.  Two days later, I got an email from a friend/acquaintance/colleague who invited me to the big island of Hawaii to teach her to use her Intelliquilter.  All expenses paid!  Sometimes being a quilting teacher pays off in the best of ways!  I am so excited to go.  Not only do I love my Intelliquilter and love to share what it can do, but I also have a fascination with volcanoes, and I’ll be able to see a lot of lava on this trip.

lavaAs I have not yet been to Hawaii, this photo is from the USGS website on Hawaii volcanic eruption.  I hope to have my own photos of lots of cool Hawaii stuff when I return home.  Of course, when I’m not out lava hunting, I’ll be quilting and teaching IQ!  What could be more fun?

Yes, I will miss my little dog, but he will spend the week with his cousin Kallie out in the country, so he’ll be very entertained.  My niece, who is currently living at home with a teenage brother, will come and house sit for me.  So . . . everyone gets a vacation!



3 thoughts on “Hawaii in a week!

  1. Hooray Linda! Sounds like it will be wonderful! I hope that you have just the best time. I am sure that the time will seem to just fly by. I had a friend who went there, she said that she found some places that sold leftovers from Hawaiian shirt factories for very little. Maybe your hostess will know about them and show you. Should be a good fabric and quilt experience! Wishing you a memorable time and safe trip!

    • She has so many things planned for us, I have no idea how I’ll have time to teach her! We’re going to the Volcano National Monument, a craft fair, meeting with the fabric company rep for fabrics that are sold only in Hawaii, going to the beach, working out . . . phew! I think it’s going to be a wonderful time. I’m very excited.

  2. I’ve never been to Hawaii but, like you, I have always wanted to see the lava. Be sure to take lots of pictures and share them with us all. Have a wonderful trip!

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