So much to do

Well, I made a run to Costco today.  I needed vegetables and yogurt, and needed to pick up some Krill Oil for my sister and brother-in-law.  Got that done, although there was no kale at Costco, so I’ll have to go back in a few days.  I hate it when they’re out of kale, because I eat a lot of it.  I bought spinach instead, but it’s a poor substitute.

I got my setting triangles cut for my Quilt of Valor, so I can probably put the rest of that quilt together tomorrow.  I need to stay home for the day, because the heating company is coming to repair/replace the heating ducts under my house.  Since only two out of the six ducts are working properly, I think it’s a good idea to do the repair.  I’ve needed to use a space heater in the center of the house for the past month and a half because it’s been so cold.  I’m lucky that we’ve only have about one week of really cold weather during that time, and that more cold weather is coming this weekend, so the timing is good.  So, I will be downstairs sewing while the guys crawl under my decrepit little house.  I hope it’s a bit more snug when they get done!

Once they’re gone, I need to get some quilting done upstairs.  I need to finish a few quilts I must bind, and design the quilting for a batik labyrinth quilt I have to do for a client.  I need to move all these out before I leave for Hawaii, get a list of tasks ready for my house sitter, do a little more cleaning, laundry, pack . . . yep!  Sounds like things are moving as usual around here.


4 thoughts on “So much to do

  1. Linda ~~ I have a couple kale recipes and am looking for more. I also use it as part of green smoothies but prefer spinach more in smoothies than kale. What is your favorite way of using kale. sounds like it might be a staple for you. thanks

  2. I chuckled at your first paragraph. LOL I LOVE spinach and have Kale growing in my garden that the neighbours are picking and using as I hate it! LOL

    I really need to get back to doing some quilting, but this changeover to office work full-time, and having 2 puppies now, has thrown my schedule completely off. But then again, this IS the year of existing customers part-time only, and quilting for ME time!

    Trying to run 2 businesses was just proving to be too much, so adjustments are being made. ;>)

    • Judy – I find the secret to kale is to get the really young stuff. It gets a really strong taste as it grows. I like it better than spinach and, apparently, it has many more micronutrients in it. I’ve been considering going back to work also. There’s a man under my house at the moment doing repairs that it will take me several months to pay off. The thought, however, makes me ill, so I guess I’d best start pumping out the quilts!

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