Well, the tree is down and has been wheeled out into the garden shed.  Now I need an ice pack for my back and I really think I need a nap!  All was well until I tried to pry the middle section of the tree out of the bottom section.  I’m allergic to most trees and, while I manage to navigate in a world in which so many exist, I can’t have real ones in the house, so I have an artificial tree.  The whole thing must weigh over 200 pounds.  The top is easy to deal with, and the bottom really isn’t all that bulky, but that middle section is probably more than 50% of the tree.  I finally had to tip the whole thing over to dislodge that middle piece.  I put way too much pressure on my back.  No pain, but I feel the strain, and ice will do the job.

I think I’ll read and hope I don’t fall asleep, or I’ll never sleep tonight.  I hate that!


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