Oh Happy Day!

I found my iPod!!  I’ve told you all often that I am the world’s worst housekeeper.  Actually, I’ve always had one of those minds that adapts well to clutter.  My various bosses over the years could not believe what a “pile of dreck” my desk would become, but whenever they would ask me for something, I could reach into the pile and just pull it out.  That is how my mind functions.  When I neaten things up, I can never find anything.  I’m trying to change — we’ll see how far I get.  Anyway, while I was getting ready for holiday visitors and was cleaning, I remembered to keep an eye out for the USB cable that connects my iPod to my computer.  I have a bunch of new audiobooks and had not been able to load any of them and it was bugging me.  Well, half way through my cleaning, I found the cable!  I was so happy and stashed it in the drawer of the coffee table, very near the computer, so I would have it available.  When everyone finally left and I was ready to start listening to books again, I found that I had put my iPod in such a secretive spot that I could no longer find it!  Oy!  Anyway, I decided that I really, really needed it this morning, and I’m still trying to find the key to the garden shed so I can put the tree away, so I began a little systematic retracing of my steps.  I found it!  It was in a pocket of my carry-on bag, which I last used to go to the craft workshop at the sewing room.  I should have known it would be in there!  Anyway, it is charging and syncing to my books and I’ll be back in business as I quilt.  Ah — the embroidery machine just finished another motif.  Off to plot another one out!


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