Ready, set, SEW!

Well, this would have been much easier if I had cut my strips last night instead of watching a movie.  Sigh – Ms. Lazy has not quite disappeared yet!  However, I’m done with the cutting (including the border strips), and will commence to sew shortly.  I think, however, I should take a break and take Ozzie to the UO for another ball toss.  My attempts to wind bobbins, etc., have met with a puppy face in my lap, staring at me with those sad eyes.  I just can’t resist.  Let me go and wear him out.

Oh – by the way, has anyone seen my iPod or the keys to the garden shed?  I’d really like to listen to a book while I sew, as my loud rock and roll upsets the dog, and I need the keys to the shed so I can get the storage boxes and take down the Christmas tree.  I swear – this getting old stuff is for the birds!


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