Pondering the cosmos

Wow.  It seems the world has gone crazy again.  Back in July, I posted about the sadness and the too-extensive media coverage of all this insanity.  It occurs to me now that I should have thought this through just a little more.  I think, at the root of all of this, is, after all, some form of insanity.  How is it that people (by large percentage, young males) come to the point in their lives where they commit such an unspeakable act?  Are some born with evil in their hearts?  I think it unlikely, but I suppose that somewhere in the twisted wire of DNA lurks the potential for the “bad seed” gene.  Perhaps it’s the things we do to each other as we grow.  Thrown in there are things we’ve been taught as we grow.  Do we bully classmates because they are not like us?  Do we squeeze people who are a bit odd or different out to the fringes so far that they feel the need to retaliate for the hurt they’ve accumulated?  Do we recognize that someone might have a mental condition and do nothing to reach out to them because we think it might be dangerous, none of our business, or because we just don’t want to get involved?  Do we not recognize that every human being has the same hopes and needs as the rest of us?  I don’t know.  Psychology was not one of my strongest subjects in school, but I do have some understanding of not feeling quite right at times, either being a bit depressed myself or consoling a friend who feels they just don’t fit neatly into society.

I do believe there needs to be a discussion about the ability to acquire weapons in this country.  I do believe in the right to bear arms, but I also believe that anyone who buys a firearm should have a background check and should be required to have training before taking possession of the weapon.  I also really don’t think any of us needs an assault weapon.  Just my opinion.  I know many will not agree.

Anyway, as I commented elsewhere today, if you are having trouble finding the spirit of the season this year, try just lighting one little candle.  Before the development of the world’s major religions, this is what the season was all about.  Coming out of the darkness into the light as the days grow longer after the solstice.  We have, in recent days, descended into substantial darkness.  I believe there is nothing to be done except to look for the light.  To keep moving and keep believing that more light is coming.  I wish you all light, hope, and, eventually, joy.  Blessings to you all this holiday season.