Once in a blue moon

Well, it seems that is about the frequency of my posting here lately.  Remember that shot I had of my section of the booth at the Coburg Quilt Show in July?  Well, it seems the advertising paid off, and my phone has been ringing off the hook.  I have quilts hung up everywhere here.  I finished a cute flannel baby quilt today, have a French Braid loaded on the machine, and a Bali Wedding Star on the zippers waiting to get back on the machine this weekend.  I will sew with my good friends for a while tomorrow at Our Sewing Room in Springfield, and then will be back to quilt some more!  I’m also going to manage the website for Our Sewing Room and will be teaching there a bit more often.  We’ll probably re-design the website in January.

So, let’s see – what else have I been up to since I last wrote?


I quilted this for a new customer about a month ago — may have already posted it here.

I taught Sharon Schamber’s machine applique technique, using her Scarlet Serenade patter, at Our Sewing Room on August 18.

I got this Bali Wedding Star in to quilt.  It’s all ditched and CC’d in the rings, but I need to re-load it and get the fancies in this weekend.

I got this beauty (plus another set of corners added to it) in from my very first customer.  It will go on the machine later in the weekend.

I’ve done a bunch of other quilts, but didn’t take pics — I don’t always.

I took my Willcox and Gibbs machine up to Jack Boersma’s in McMinnville on my birthday, bought some luscious sock yarn in his yarn shop across the street from his quilt shop, went to the coast with the dog and my sister.


On the way home, my sister told me we had to stop at Sears to get a new saw blade for my brother-in-law’s saw, because they are working on a new deck for their house.  Well, I told her while she was getting the saw blade, I was going to check out the refrigerators because I was in need of a new one.  Surprise, surprise . . . we were actually there to buy new a new fridge for my birthday!  I got a lovely new Whirlpool, but discovered that I will now need to replace the kitchen floor when we installed it.  My old fridge had been leaking at some point (all dry now) but had rotted my floor.  Ack!  I’ll tell you — when you live in an old house, there’s always something to fix.  At least I now have a great new refrigerator.  I have no idea what I did to deserve this, but I’m happy to have it.





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