One of the very best days of my life

I was scheduled to teach a machine appliqué class today, using the Sharon Schamber appliqué foundation method.  Indeed, we used Sharon’s Scarlet Serenade pattern to learn the technique.  I’m always a bit nervous when teaching, thinking that my students will undoubtedly think I have no idea what I’m talking about, even though I’m aware that I really do know what I’m trying to explain.  Anyway, not only did I teach them the technique, but I shared a lot of tips with them, which they appreciated, and at the end of the day, they told me that they really enjoyed the class and learned so much.  They asked what else I could teach them and said they’d love to sign up for more classes.  I was thrilled.  I came home, feeling very happy, and picked up a few things I needed to take to my sister’s house as I went to retrieve my dog (she was puppy-sitting Ozzie).  I decided to check if there was any mail, and, when I opened the front door, there was a package for me.  It was from my friend Bethanne, who lives back in Pennsylvania, and I couldn’t imagine what she was sending me.  When I opened the box, it contained a very pretty quilt — largely made of what appear to be Moda fabrics (my favorites) and quilted with the Seashell panto designed by my friend Michelle Wyman.  Also included in the box was a card indicating the purpose of the quilt, and it was signed by my sisters of the heart, Bethanne Nemesh, Deborah Poole, Wendy Currie, and Michelle Wyman.  I am so totally blown away.

You know, I think, as you grow older, you look back on your life and, though you hope there are no regrets, you sometimes realize that you are not as good a person as you would hope to be.  You recognize your failings, you hope that you have learned from your mistakes, and you occasionally marvel that you have any friends at all.  And then, something like this happens to you, and you realize that, despite your shortcomings, there are people who genuinely care for you, and you experience a moment of actual awe.  I cannot tell you how many bouts of tears I have experienced this evening.   I have such marvelous friends, and I am so blessed to know such awesome women.  I thank them and am so humbled by their gift.  I will post pictures later when I am able to get some good light on this beautiful quilt.


2 thoughts on “One of the very best days of my life

  1. Fun to read about your great day of teaching. I believe that being a bit nervous before class is what makes a great teacher. You’re confidant but not overly so. Just like tackling a beautiful quilt on the longarm we’re a bit nervous (or maybe more than a bit sometimes)
    And such wonderful friends to make the end of your day so special. Will be looking forward to the pictures of your quilt.

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