Oregon on the simmer

We are definitely in the dog days of summer here, having only recently arrived at summer itself.  Oregon is very dry and hot right now.  Good weather in which to stay inside and quilt with the AC on, which is mostly what I have been doing lately.  I seem never to have a minute to sit down, but when I do, I usually fall asleep!  I’ve been quilting, picking blueberries to store in the freezer — I think I have about 60 pounds in there now — and playing with the dog.  I have made a few attempts at yard work, but most of the grass is brown and the garden has a trough in it where Ozzie slides through to get the ball.  Perhaps when the latest heat wave has died down, I’ll go out and rake the dirt back into its beds, put a little pebble path where Ozzie disperses the dirt, and then add plants and some bark mulch.  Maybe by then some rain will come to help it all stay in place.

We’ll be rockin’ on Jefferson Street for the next several nights.  The Lane County Fair starts tomorrow and is only about six blocks from my house.  I’ll hear the nightly concerts in my back yard.  Not too many artists I recognize, but Heart will be playing tomorrow.  I like their music — not my favorite, but I can rock out to it while quilting, for sure.  I also know Weird Al is coming and the All American Rejects, so if any of you want a free concert, just feel free to bring a lawn chair over and sit in my backyard for the next few nights.  It will, however, be hotter’n Hades out there, and Ozzie will expect you to throw the ball non-stop.  He’s also not into sharing his puppy pool, so don’t plan on cooling your tootsies there!  What a funny dog — he’s taken to hiding behind the tree when he needs to relieve himself when we’re outside playing, almost as though he’s embarrassed for me to see him pee.  ;D  What a dog!