Summer’s HERE!

Wow!  Summer came ripping in with a record 102° yesterday.  Things will cool off substantially today, as we’re only supposed to get to about 90.  I don’t often complain about the heat, as I’m always freezing.  Even this morning, I’m sitting here in jeans and a sweatshirt, as it will take a bit for the heat of the day to come and my body has no metabolism.  I did hang out in the air-conditioned bedroom last night for about an hour, as it did get very warm in the living room and I needed to wait for the outdoor temp to fall before I could open the windows and go to sleep.  I’m so blessed to live in this part of Oregon, where the temperature always falls into a very comfortable range at night.  In the 33 years I’ve lived here, I can only remember a handful of nights that were too warm for sleeping.

After a good morning ball-toss session with the dog, it will be a good day to stay in, crank the AC, and quilt!