Catching up

Wow.  It’s really amazing how something as small as a little white pill can drag you down into the pit.  I am still here, so busy catching up with everything I’ve left neglected for so long.  Cleaning the house, playing with the dog (much more than we had been), quilting up a storm, working in the yard, going to pick blueberries, out to lunch with friends, and taking a few moments every now and then to just stop and think . . . phew!  I hope to have some photos soon.  I’ve been working on a huge Bali Wedding Star quilt for a client.  It was a lot of stitch in the ditch work, but today the fun starts – pretty quilting designs!  I hope to have it done soon.

So, life is again wonderful.  Go out and look at that moon tonight.  It was amazing last night and promises to be more-so tonight.  We’re actually getting summer here — I should be griping about the heat in no time!


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Linda,
    I have followed your blog for a long time and thoroughly enjoy reading about your life. I am soooo glad that you discovered your problem are now feeling better!! I had issues with meds prescribed to me for depression and walked around in a )(@#*&!! fog for almost 9 months and then came to the conclusion that the meds were making the situation WORSE!! Stopped cold turkey and haven’t looked back. Probably not exactly the right way to stop taking that stuff but it worked for me.
    Hoping to get to MQX West this year and take some classes! Maybe will get a chance to meet you!
    Take care!

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