The world has indeed gone mad.  Well, at least the good ol’ US of A has.  A deranged gunman has gone on a rampage in a movie theatre and killed innocent people and wounded a whole bunch more.  This is, indeed, a horrible tragedy, and my heart goes out to the family and friends of all those involved.  However, I sit here this evening, watching the evening news, and I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with our newscasters?  Yes, this is a newsworthy incident.  But, not only did the national news feature this item for nearly their entire half-hour, but they mentioned they will be devoting their Friday night news show to it.  The local news (both early and late) featured it as a large part of their newscast.  Somewhere, in a darkened little living room, I can imagine some sick, weird, twisted individual taking note of how much time these incidents get on the news, and thinking about how much news time they would generate if they did the same thing.  Why do we have to make such a big issue out of these things?  It’s like the weather prognosticators telling people to stay off the beaches during hurricanes because of the wind and the storm surge, as they stand there, with the rain blowing sideways and the waves nearly knocking them off their feet.  There is no logic behind any of this.

Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone who lost a friend or relative in this tragedy, but I don’t think the incessant news coverage will bring anyone back.  What it will do is feed some sicko’s need for attention.  Until they find out why this guy did what he did, I don’t think we need to know more.

4 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. I agree with you Linda! The morning shows went on and on about it. They interviewed everyone that they could find. I wondered if the rest of the world had stopped over this. Did the Syrians call a truce because of a madman in the US? The coverage is just too much. My heart goes out to the families and victims, but there is nothing I can do to undo this incident. I just stopped watching, it was becoming exhausting. Thank you for bringing this up. Our media needs to learn.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in this. I sometimes worry that I’m cold-hearted, but I feel it’s like trying to beat a dead horse. It’s over now. We must move on. Make efforts to heal and not dwell in the hurt. I’m leaving the TV off for a few days I think, except for PBS at nine on Sunday night. Must have my Masterpiece Mystery!

    • I indulged myself with a little Hercule Poirot video on the Roku box tonight. A total departure from the evening news. A total departure from network and ‘reality’ TV for that matter. I love that little box more than I can say. It’s almost as much as an escape as my Lord of the Rings Videos are. So sad. I think I’ll take the dog for a walk tomorrow and then spend the rest of the day quilting. Much better use of time!

  2. LOL, when I stopped watching I found some I Love Lucy reruns on one channel and watched those. Lucy can always make me feel better. I also hate to have some Dr or Psych telling me how to deal with this. We all deal with sorrow differently. I also hate to have the “Big Name” reporters acting like they are going to cry when they interview someone. Did they not learn from Walter Cronkite? It all just becomes a media feeding frenzy.

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