Wow – just where in the heck have I been?

When you’re getting close to retirement, you’ll hear people who have already retired tell you that once you do retire, you’ll wonder how you ever found the time to go to work.  Oh sure, you’ll think.  How in the heck is that possible.  I spend eight hours a day chained to this desk, another hour chained to the general vicinity while I eat my lunch, and you don’t think I’m going to feel like I have more time on my hands?  Well, trust me.  You won’t.  There’s too much to do once you’re set free.  Places to go, people to see, places to see, trouble to get into . .  I didn’t just say that, did I?  Anyway, I’ve been running around, playing, sewing, quilting, walking, walking, walking, picking berries, shopping, driving, driving, driving, sight seeing, visiting with family, visiting with friends, visiting with fellow quilters.  Life is grand.  Spring was dreary and kind of depressing here, but the sun finally decided to come out on the fourth of July.  The weather has been pretty nice ever since.  Folks tell me it’s hot, but since I lost weight a few years ago, I don’t seem to notice the heat much.  I’m usually cold, so when I went to the pet store to buy Ozzie a bone for his third birthday last Wednesday, the clerk asked me how I was, and I said — fine, how are you?  She said, well, I’m fine because I’m working in this air-conditioned store.  And I said, but it’s not hot out.  She said, it’s 91°.  Hmmm– I thought it was only about 75.  I guess I should have known because all my animals were lying on the floor with their tummies up in the air looking like the were dying or something.  I’ll have to keep a better check on the thermometer.  Ozzie has learned to swim.  He jumps into the Walterville Canal Pond with his cousin Kallie chasing sticks.  He looks like a paramecium — sort of a little shoe-shaped object with little curly things coming off the sides as he swims.  Also kind of like a speed boat, as I don’t think he really likes being in the water, so he swims as desperately fast as he can and lifts most of his body out of the water in an attempt to keep as much of himself out of the water as possible.  It’s pretty cute.  When he gets out, he looks so proud of himself.  Here are a few photos of recent quilts and adventures, in no particular order.

My two sisters and me, July 5, 2012 (Ginny, Barb, and me)

Miniature pineapple quilt for my friend Adonna – done with stamps on muslin.

A small compass quilt done for a local show for a guild member

Detail of the arc

Charity quilt for local NICU – fabric has Kermit the frog in it, quilting pattern is called Ribbit, as it has frogs in it

Second Ribbit NICU quilt

Agate Beach on the way to a longarm meeting in Seaside this weekend.  Off in the distance, above the feet of the fellow in the beach chair, you can see the dock washed up by the Japanese Tsunami debris.

A kite (very normal site on the Oregon coast) someone was flying at the beach


Well, I’ll try to be back a bit more often.  Lots of quilts in to do, a show coming up to advertise my business, upcoming classes, etc., and lots and lots to do.  It’s a wonderful life.