The Black Sheep Gathering

Yesterday, my sister and I ventured over to the Black Sheep Gathering.  This event is held at the county fairgrounds each year, right around the Summer Solstice.  I’ve always planned to go, but this was the first time.  Wow.  What an immersion into fiber!  From the sheep, alpacas, bunnies, etc., in the barn, to shearing, cleaning and carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, etc., it was mesmerizing.  I knit.  I’ve often been fascinated by spinning wheels — no doubt from reading fairy tales as a young girl.  How wonderful it would be to spin flax to gold, no?  Anyway, the Black Sheep Gathering is a spinner’s paradise.  I have never seen so much roving in one place, so many different types of fiber.  Yak Silk, anyone?  Let me assure you, it feels like heaven!  You could even go to the pavilion and buy wool newly shorn off sheep brought for the purpose.  If you’re one who likes to do it all, from start to finish, this is your venue.  There was also plenty of lovely yarn to be had.  Shawl fasteners, cool buttons, glass knitting needles (fabulously beautiful, but highly impractical for a klutz like me), yarn winders, spindles, and yes, spinning wheels.  So many women sitting in the demo area just spinning.  It looks so relaxing, just draws you in, so you feel like sitting down and running that wool through your fingers and watching it wind into a nice even strand as you gently tread on that peddle.  It looks so cozy, so homely, the type of thing that makes you want to hang a kettle over the fire and just sit and be content for days.  Until you read the price tag on a spinning wheel that is!  After I had made my way around the show, I returned to the entrance, looked back, thought of all the ecoutrements I would need to really delve into this art.  Then my mind flashed on my studio filled with fabric, thread, batting, patterns, tools, etc., and I thought — buy your yarn at the local shop or on line, Linda.  You’d need another house to start this, not to mention an additional 24 hours to each day.  Sigh.  So much to do, so little time!


2 thoughts on “The Black Sheep Gathering

  1. That sound like a really great outing. I love to watch them shear the sheep. It is just facinating to me how they do it. Quick, easy, and off they go. (When I got out of the Army, I always said that I wanted to raise sheep. I thought that it would be so neat to fill in the line, Occupation: Shepardess! LOL) I totally understand about the feeling about spinning. Just looks like it would be very satisfiying somehow. You are right, another house and more time! And lots more money too!!

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