I’m still here!

Well, just where in the heck have I been?  I guess I’ve been missing in action from the computer a lot lately, as the weather has been so perfect here that I’ve been out for walks with the dog, out puttering in the back yard, and generally not paying any attention to blogging.  I have been doing a bit of sewing, went to a retirement party at the UO for a friend who has worked there for 46 years (crazy lady) and yesterday I wasted nearly the entire day having a flat tire about eight blocks from my house.  I did try to change the tire myself.  It’s not hard to change a tire, if you can get the darn lug nuts off.  Unfortunately, since most places mount your tires with those air guns, dislodging the nuts is not in the strength capacity of most women.  Despite my many injuries and surgeries, I’m still pretty strong — I can lift quite a bit of weight if I’m careful with the mechanics — but I couldn’t loosen those darn lug nuts.  I had to wait an hour for the roadside assistance guy to show up to get the tire changed, then I drove to Costco (where I bought the tires) to get the tired repaired and remounted.  Fortunately, that is where I was headed to begin with . . . there was basically no food in the house, so I was on my way to get eggs, cheese, veggies, fruit, when there was a bit of a rattle in the back end of the car and the low air pressure light came on the dash.  Argh.  So . . . I got to spend over two hours shopping in Costco.  I looked at nearly everything they had but only bought what I had come to get, and I still ended up sitting in the tire center with my cart for half an hour, waiting for them to finish with my car.  Gorgeous weather and a coupon for $70 off a set of tires made for a very busy tire center.  I was glad I had purchased the tires there previously, because even though it did cost me a lot in time, it didn’t cost me one red cent to get that tire repaired.  Roadside assistance?  Included for three years.  Tire repair and rotation?  Guaranteed for 60,000 miles.  So, I’m back on the road again, but today I think I’ll stay home and sew.  The quilts are beginning to back up and I still have a lot of things to make for the Coburg show next month.  Some pics of those when I get closer to quilting them!


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