More wonders of nature

We had such a nice thunderstorm.  Flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.  It lasted almost an hour.  Normally, if we get any thunder in Eugene, it’s the announcement of an approaching front.  One boom and it’s all over.  What a nice storm today.  I think it did a good job of washing some of the grass pollen out of the air too.

Tuesday, June 5th, brings a little more of the magic of Mother Nature to those of us who are aware.  Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun in what is called the transit of Venus.  It will be visible in Europe and most of Asia at sunrise, in North and South America at sunset.  It actually takes about six hours for Venus to make the path across the face of the Sun, giving us the method of calculating the size and placement of the objects in our solar system.  Pretty special event . . . it won’t happen again for more than another 100 years so, if you are so inclined, catch it Tuesday, or forever lose the chance.


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