Can you hear that?

That slight hiss in the background?  It’s the sizzle.  It’s the Oregon slugs starting to fry from the heat.  Now, mind you, it’s probably a max of 84°F out there, and yes, it’s a bit humid today, but we’ve not had that many warm days, and we now have everyone bitching about the heat.  Me?  I’m always cold, so I’m finally comfortable!  Today is payday for those of us on a pension.  I had to go shopping to re-stock the house.  Every single store I went into was filled with people complaining about the heat.  I’m glad it’s warm.  I can shut the furnace off.  I can go outside without a jacket.  I can sit outside and enjoy the fine day.  With the amount of complaining today, you would have thought it was 100° out there.  Let’s just hope everyone will be a little more acclimated when the real summer weather gets here.


2 thoughts on “Can you hear that?

    • Now THAT’S HOT! We do usually have a period of a few days during the summer when the temperatures get over 100 here. I can just imagine what these folks will be saying when that happens. I guess it’s just that it usually isn’t this warm this early. My sister and I took a five mile walk this morning and I have to admit that I worked up a sweat then because it was a bit muggy out, but for just basic walking around, I found the temperature very comfortable today. Stay cool Stephanie!

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