Triangles galore

Our guild (Emerald Valley Quilters) had a used book sale one night.  I bought a copy of Great American Quilts 1988 for just a dollar and fell in love with one of the quilts in the book.  I began to make myself one, even though it was all half-square triangles and I knew I was out of my mind and it would take me forever to make it.  Shortly after I began that quilt, my physical therapist asked me to make him a quilt.  I brought him a bunch of books so he could look for something he might like.  I left the books with him and, when I came back a few weeks later, he was very excited because he had found the perfect quilt.  Oy!  Yep, the same quilt, 1512 half-square triangles.  I’ve been working at this quilt for what seems like forever.  Retreat after retreat, sew day after sew day, people will look over and say, oh no!  She’s still making HSTs!  Yep.  Well, today I have finally assembled one quarter of the quilt.  378 half-square triangles.  Only 1134 more to go.  Ack!  Actually, I have a lot of the blocks together, and I have a ton of the HSTs made.  You can see the blocks are nine-patches made of the HSTs.  Then they are flipped this way and that to make an interesting pattern.  When the whole quilt is together, it will look pretty cool.  Not all four quarters are the same.


So – this is what has been keeping me busy, along with quilting and trying to make some jackets.  What are you all up to?


11 thoughts on “Triangles galore

  1. Wow. What prompted all this today? Anyway, the triangles are, of course, whatever size you wish to make them. These are 2½” finished triangles. The blocks are nine patches. Each quarter of the quilt has six blocks across and seven down. Finished size will be about 85″ x 98″. I may need to add another row around, as he would like it to be king-sized. I think Amazon still has copies of the book if you want to get one, or you could make nine patches from HSTs and just play with the layout!

    • No, no, no! I’m nice, but not THAT nice! ;P We were originally going to have me make this in exchange for some physical therapy when I retired (it’s for my physical therapist). but, since I still have insurance coverage, he will pay me for it. He does know the value. I told him he’d be doing my PT for the rest of my life if he just wanted to barter!

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